Curious about wild meat? Try Wildebeest!

– Wildebeest –

Wildebeest is a pacific northwest restaurant located in Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood. The food ranges from deliciously decadent to simple country cooking at its finest. But if you are curious about stepping outside the box of medium – rare steak and have an urge to try horse meat then Wildebeest is the right restaurant for you! At Wildebeest you will have the chance to explore the world of wild meat cuisine.

– Smoked Boar Belly –

One of Wildebeest signature dishes is the smoked boar belly. The dish is a perfectly crispy pork belly glazed with sorghum syrup, sesame seed and dried fish flakes. Every bite features a clear layering of fat and meat with a hint of the sweet and flavorful seasoning.

– Horse Tartare –

Another popular dish is the horse tartare. Horse meat is illegal in most countries such as the States but is very popular in many European countries like France, Germany and Italy. It contains less fat and is higher in protein than regular beef.  Wildebeest combines horse tartare with some refreshing pickled gherkins, shallots and a slow-cooked egg yolk that brings out the soft texture of the dish.

– Roasted Elk Loin –

Elk loin is another rare meat that is very healthy by being low in fat, low in cholesterol and high in protein. Wildebeest prepares their roasted elk loin with an array of different textures: the tenderness of the premium elk tenderloin, crispy browned potato and slightly smoked cauliflower. One can discover the taste of wild game meat while not being overwhelmed by all the grease.

– Bison Carpaccio –

In recent years bison has become a very popular health fad due to its low fat and low calories. Wildebeest has an amazing bison carpaccio by combing the meat with sherry balsamic vinegar which gets rid of the unpleasant taste of raw meat.  This dish is the best choice for an appetizer on a warm summer evening.

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